on this day, Kangra, India, Himalayas, traditional architecture, serene landscape, lush greenery, clear skies, peaceful village, early 20th-century, natural beauty, tranquility, pre-earthquake scene, historical significance, emergency preparedness, vulnerability to natural disastersA Moment of Tranquility: Kangra, India, before the Earthquake of 1905 - Capturing the untouched beauty and peacefulness of the region, moments before it was forever changed by one of the deadliest earthquakes in Indian history

On This Day 4 April 2024 Thursday

On This Day, Sam Vikram: 2081 Purnimanta Mass: Chaitra Paksha: Tithi: Krishna Paksha Ekadashi   – Apr 04 04:14 PM – Apr 05 01:28 PM, let us have a quick look of the events and anniversaries of India and the world

on this dayPanchang /pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion,, on this day

Virram Samvat: 2081
Shaka Samvat: 1945

Purnimanta: Chaitra
Tithi: Krishna Paksha Ekadashi   – Apr 04 04:14 PM – Apr 05 01:28 PM

On This Day

Festivals Today:
Festials Tomorrow: Paapamochanee Ekaadashee, Baaboo Jagajeevan Raam Jayantee
Day Today: International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action (A/RES/60/97)
Day Tomorrow: International Day of Conscience (A/RES/73/329)


Siddha – Apr 03 04:09 PM – Apr 04 01:15 PM
Sadhya – Apr 04 01:15 PM – Apr 05 09:55 AM”


Vishti – Apr 04 05:26 AM – Apr 04 04:14 PM
Bava – Apr 04 04:14 PM – Apr 05 02:55 AM
Balava – Apr 05 02:55 AM – Apr 05 01:29 PM”

Sunrise: 6:11
Sunset: 18:36

Moonrise: 3:09
Moonset: 13:49

pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassionAuspicious Time

Abhijit Muhurat – 11:59 AM – 12:48 PM
Amrit Kaal – 10:28 AM – 11:58 AM
Brahma Muhurat – 04:33 AM – 05:21 AM

Inauspicious Time

Rahu – 1:57 PM – 3:30 PM
Yamaganda – 6:11 AM – 7:44 AM
Gulika – 9:17 AM – 10:50 AM
Dur Muhurat – 10:19 AM – 11:09 AM, 03:17 PM – 04:07 PM
Varjyam – 11:51 PM – 01:19 AM

Information Source: https://www.prokerala.com/

Today / आज

Freedom Fighters sacrificed- At Least: 8

Major Historical Events

Kangra Earthquake, 1905

  • Date and Location: Occurred in Kangra, India, on April 4, 1905.
  • Impact: This devastating natural disaster resulted in approximately 20,000 fatalities, making it one of the deadliest earthquakes in India’s history.
  • Aftermath: The earthquake caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, leading to a significant humanitarian crisis. Recovery efforts were substantial, aiming to rebuild the affected areas and provide relief to the survivors.
  • Historical Significance: The Kangra earthquake of 1905 highlights the vulnerability of regions to natural disasters and the importance of emergency preparedness and response mechanisms.

NATO Formation, 1949

  • Date and Founding Nations: Established on April 4, 1949, by twelve countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Purpose: Created as a collective defense alliance to counter the threat of Soviet expansion into Western Europe during the early stages of the Cold War.
  • Principles: The treaty is based on the principle of mutual defense, where an armed attack against one or more of the members is considered an attack against all.
  • Continuing Role: Over the years, NATO has adapted to the changing geopolitical landscape, taking on new missions and expanding its membership. It remains a central figure in global defense and security discussions.

History in Brief On This Day

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., 1968: Civil Rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated by a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968. A champion of non-violent resistance to racial oppression, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Microsoft Founded, 1975: On April 4, 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, marking the beginning of a new era in computing.

Axe-Murdering Rampage, Chhattisgarh, 2013: A tragic incident occurred on April 4, 2013, in Chhattisgarh state, India, where 9 people were killed in an axe-murdering rampage.

Anniversaries On This Day

Death of Sagarmal Gopa, 1946: Freedom activist Sagarmal Gopa passed away on April 4, 1946, remembered for his significant contributions to India’s independence movement.

Birth of Anmol Thakeria Dhillon, 1996: Anmol Thakeria Dhillon, celebrated for his contributions to the entertainment industry, was born on April 4, 1996.

Birth of Parveen Babi, 1949: Parveen Babi, an iconic figure in the Indian film industry, was born on April 4, 1949.

Birth of Prema Narayan, 1955: Prema Narayan, known for her acting prowess, celebrates her birthday on April 4, 1955.

Birth of Akshay Khanna, 1975: Akshay Khanna, a prominent actor in the Indian cinema, was born on April 4, 1975.

Birth of Jack Del Rio, 1963: Celebrated American football coach and former player, Jack Del Rio, was born on April 4, 1963.

Death of Ray Wilkins, 2018: Ray Wilkins, a football legend, passed away on April 4, 2018.

Birth of Sami Khedira, 1987: Sami Khedira, renowned football player, was born on April 4, 1987.

Birth of Jasleen Matharu, 1990: Jasleen Matharu, notable celebrity, celebrates her birthday on April 4, 1990.

Birth of Lisa Ray, 1972: Lisa Ray, acclaimed actress and model, was born on April 4, 1972.

Birth of Siddhant Ghegadmal, 1997: Siddhant Ghegadmal, recognized for his contributions to entertainment, was born on April 4, 1997.

Birth of Simran Bagga, 1976: Simran Bagga, a prominent figure in Indian cinema, was born on April 4, 1976.

Birth of Dave Mirra, 1974: Dave Mirra, celebrated BMX rider known for his extraordinary career in the sport, was born on April 4, 1974.

Birth of Tris Speaker, 1888: Tris Speaker, legendary baseball player, was born on April 4, 1888.

Freedom Fighters’ sacrifice

Freedom Struggle Events on This Date

The history of India’s struggle for freedom is marked by countless acts of sacrifice, bravery, and defiance against colonial rule. On this day, several notable events and individuals stand out, embodying the spirit of resistance that paved the way for India’s independence. These stories of valor and struggle against oppression highlight the diverse nature of the freedom movement across different regions and communities.

The Bhumkal Revolt and Pandu

On this day in the heart of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, the echoes of the Bhumkal revolt of 1910 resonate, a significant tribal uprising against feudal and colonial exploitation. Central to this revolt in the Koilibera area was Pandu, a resident of Koilibera pargana, appointed by Aytu Mahra to lead the rebellion. Despite the British victory at the Indrawati-ford battle and subsequent heavy repressive measures, the spirit of the rebels, under leaders like Pandu, remained unbroken. Unfortunately, after being captured and tortured, Pandu died in custody before November 7, 1910, a martyr of the tribal resistance movement.

The Uprising of 1857 and Its Heroes

Dosth and Medhi Khan

The Uprising of 1857, often heralded as the first war of Indian independence, saw widespread participation across the country. Dosth, son of Monad, not only fought valiantly against the British in the Bombay Presidency but also provided financial assistance to the freedom fighters. Captured and sentenced to transportation to the Andaman Islands, Dosth died in captivity on April 4, 1860.

Similarly, Medhi Khan, a resident of the Bombay Presidency, joined the rebellion, leading attacks against British establishments. Sentenced to life transportation, Khan died on April 4, 1859, in the Andamans, a testament to his resistance against colonial rule.

The Tebhaga Movement

The Tebhaga movement in Bengal was a pivotal peasant movement aimed at reducing the oppressive sharecropping system. On this day in 1947, participants like Lachua Oraon, Murla Oraon, and Natai Oraon faced brutal police violence. Murla and Natai were shot dead during an indiscriminate firing on a group of peasants and tea garden workers, showcasing the extreme measures used to suppress the voices demanding fair rights and justice.

The Prajamandal Movement

Raghunath Mohanty and Dibakar Parida became symbols of resistance within the Prajamandal movement in Odisha, advocating for responsible government and fighting against maladministration. Both were arrested in connection with the British Political Agent’s murder, leading to their execution on April 4, 1941. Their sacrifices underscore the widespread nature of the freedom struggle, extending into the princely states.

Other Acts of Defiance

The Komagata Maru Incident

Arjun alias Urjan Singh, a passenger of the Komagata Maru, tragically lost his life on this day during a clash with police forces in Budge Budge, reflecting the broader struggle for rights and recognition faced by Indians abroad.

The Tribal Revolts

The stories of Dito, Bhuto, Dallo, and Mollo, participants in the Bhil-Girassia revolt of 1922 against the Sirohi ruler’s oppressive policies, ended tragically on this day with their deaths. Their fight against increased taxes and forced labor highlights the diverse fronts on which the freedom struggle was fought.


“On this day” serves as a poignant reminder of the multifaceted struggle for independence, encompassing a range of movements, revolts, and acts of individual and collective bravery. From the tribal uprisings in Bastar to the peasant movements in Bengal, and the broader nationalistic efforts reflected in the Prajamandal and 1857 Uprising, each event contributes to the rich tapestry of India’s freedom struggle. These stories not only honor the memory of those who fought and sacrificed but also remind us of the enduring spirit of resistance against injustice.

Feature Image: The image depicts a serene and picturesque landscape of Kangra, India, just moments before the devastating earthquake of 1905. It showcases the natural beauty of the region with its lush greenery and traditional architectural styles against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas. The sky is clear and blue, adding to the tranquil atmosphere of the peaceful village depicted. The traditional buildings, with their distinctive early 20th-century architectural elements, are nestled among verdant fields and trees, portraying a scene of everyday life and harmony with nature, unaware of the impending natural disaster. (Click here to see image)

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