On This Day 23 April, Bhumkal Revolt, tribal warriors, Jogi, Adivasi uprising, Bastar state, Indian freedom struggle, early 20th-century rebellion, colonial resistance, traditional attire, forest backdrop, tribal rights, indigenous struggle, historical battle, freedom fighters, tribal leaderEchoes of Resistance: The Bhumkal Revolt - A portrayal of Jogi and his Adivasi warriors standing against colonial and feudal oppression in the heart of Bastar's forests, fighting for rights and autonomy.

On This Day 23 April 2024 Tuesday

On This Day 23 April, Sam Vikram: 2081 Purnimanta Mass: Chaitra Paksha: Tithi: Sukla Paksha Purnima   – Apr 23 03:26 AM – Apr 24 05:18 AM, let us have a quick look of the events and anniversaries of India and the world

on this day 23 AprilPanchang /pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion,, on this day 23 April

Shaka Samvat: 1946

Purnimanta: Chaitra
Tithi: Sukla Paksha Purnima   – Apr 23 03:26 AM – Apr 24 05:18 AM

On This Day

Festivals Today: Saty Vrat, Poornima Vrat, Poornima, Chaitr Poornima, Hanumaan Jayantee, Saty Vrat
Festials Tomorrow: Ganagaur Vrat Praarambh
Day Today: World Book and Copyright Day [UNESCO] (UNESCO 28 C/Resolution 3.18)
Day Tomorrow: World Immunization Week, 24-30 April [WHO]
International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace (A/RES/73/127)


Vajra – Apr 23 04:28 AM – Apr 24 04:56 AM
Siddhi – Apr 24 04:56 AM – Apr 25 05:05 AM”


Vishti – Apr 23 03:26 AM – Apr 23 04:25 PM
Bava – Apr 23 04:25 PM – Apr 24 05:18 AM
Balava – Apr 24 05:18 AM – Apr 24 06:06 PM”

Sunrise: 5:51
Sunset: 18:47

Moonrise: 18:25
Moonset: 5:44

pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassionAuspicious Time

Abhijit Muhurat – 11:53 AM – 12:45 PM
Amrit Kaal – 03:26 PM – 05:13 PM
Brahma Muhurat – 04:14 AM – 05:02 AM

Inauspicious Time

Rahu – 3:33 PM – 5:10 PM
Yamaganda – 9:05 AM – 10:42 AM
Gulika – 12:19 PM – 1:56 PM
Dur Muhurat – 08:26 AM – 09:18 AM, 11:12 PM – 11:56 PM
Varjyam – 04:50 AM – 06:36 AM, 04:38 AM – 06:23 AM

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Today / आज

Freedom Fighters sacrificed- At Least: 7

Major Historical Events

Qissa Khwani Bazaar Massacre – Colonial Era Atrocity

The Qissa Khwani Bazaar massacre stands as a stark reminder of the brutal realities of colonial oppression in British India. On April 23, 1930, in Peshawar, troops of the British Indian Army were ordered to confront a gathering of nonviolent protesters. The protesters were part of a larger resistance movement against British rule, and their peaceful assembly aimed to demonstrate their demand for independence. The confrontation led to a tragic loss of life, as the troops opened fire on the unarmed crowd, resulting in numerous deaths. This massacre not only highlighted the ruthless tactics used by the colonial regime to suppress dissent but also galvanized further resistance among the local population and others across the region.

History in Brief On This Day

North Pole Expedition – Historical Achievement: On April 23, 1948, the Soviet Sever-2 expedition became the first to undisputedly reach the North Pole, a landmark in polar exploration.

Spotify Launch – Music Streaming Revolution: April 23, 2006, marks the launch of Spotify, a revolutionary music streaming service that has reshaped how we listen to music.

Anniversaries On This Day

Babu Kunwar Singh – Freedom Activist’s Demise

On the same day in 1858, Babu Kunwar Singh, a significant figure in the Indian rebellion of 1857, passed away. Singh was a leader from Jagdishpur, currently in Bihar, India, and his role in the 1857 uprising made him a symbol of resistance and valor. Despite his advanced age, he was one of the few who initiated an armed revolt against the British East India Company, illustrating profound courage and leadership. His legacy continues to be celebrated in Jagdishpur and beyond, embodying the spirit of resistance against colonial rule. His death marked the end of a pivotal chapter in the fight for Indian independence, but his influence endured, inspiring subsequent generations of freedom fighters.

Janaki S – Acclaimed Performer: Celebrating her birth on April 23, 1938, Janaki S has had a distinguished career in Indian cinema.

Satyajit Ray – Cinematic Maestro’s Passing: The world of cinema mourned the loss of Satyajit Ray, a legendary Indian filmmaker, who passed away on April 23, 1992, in Kolkata.

Manoj Bajpayee – Renowned Actor: An actor known for his powerful performances in Indian cinema, Manoj Bajpayee celebrates his birthday on April 23, 1969.

Shweta Menon – Noted Actress: Shweta Menon, celebrated for her roles in Indian cinema and modeling, was born on April 23, 1974.

Yana Gupta – Celebrated Personality: Yana Gupta, known for her work in Indian entertainment and modeling, celebrates her birthday on April 23.

Dev Patel – Acclaimed Actor: Celebrated for his breakout role in “Slumdog Millionaire,” Dev Patel was born on April 23, 1990, and has since become a prominent figure in international cinema.

Shamshad Begum – Melodious Farewell: On April 23, 2013, Shamshad Begum, an iconic Indian playback singer with a legendary voice that captivated millions, passed away.

Warren Spahn – Baseball Icon: Born on April 23, 1921, in Buffalo, New York, Warren Spahn is celebrated as one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history.

Magnús Ver Magnússon – Strongman Legend: Born on April 23, 1963, in Egilsstaðir, Iceland, Magnús Ver Magnússon is a world-renowned powerlifter and strongman competitor.

John Cena – Wrestling Superstar and Actor: Born on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA, John Cena is a renowned WWE wrestler and actor, regarded as an all-time great in the ring.

Tribute to Heroes of Freedom Struggle on This Day April 23

The history of the struggle for freedom in various regions, especially during the colonial era, is replete with tales of valor, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of justice. April 23 stands out as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals across different eras and regions, fighting against oppression and for the ideals of freedom and self-determination. Here, we reflect on some notable events and the brave souls who marked this date with their indomitable spirit.

The 1857 Uprising: A Testament to Bravery

On this day in 1858, during the aftermath of the 1857 Uprising against British rule, several soldiers who had deserted the Ludhiana Regiment of the British Indian Army were captured and faced the ultimate penalty for their defiance. Karam Singh and Rao Singh, both members of this regiment, were charged with mutiny and sedition, and were hanged. Their sacrifice is a stark reminder of the high stakes involved in the fight against colonial domination.

The Struggle Continues: Vir Singh’s Ultimate Sacrifice

In a similar vein, Vir Singh, a soldier stationed at Ambala, Haryana, played a crucial role in the 1857 Uprising. Captured by the British, he was charged with mutiny and subsequently executed on April 23, 1858. His actions and sacrifice illustrate the widespread resistance that characterized the rebellion.

Martyrdom in Peshawar: Abdul Gaffar Khan

The year 1930 saw Abdul Gaffar Khan, a resident of Mohalla Dalgaram in Afghanistan, actively participate in a procession protesting the arrest of local and Congress leaders in Peshawar. The peaceful protest turned tragic when British-led troops opened fire on the crowd on April 23, resulting in many deaths, including that of Abdul Gaffar Khan. This incident highlights the brutal measures often employed by colonial powers to quash dissent.

The Bhumkal Revolt: Jogi’s Fight for Tribal Rights

In the early 20th century, the tribal regions of India also saw significant unrest. Jogi, from the Bastar State (now in Chhattagong), was involved in the Adivasi Bhumkal revolt against colonial and feudal exploitation in 1910. Captured and sentenced on April 23, 1910, to rigorous imprisonment, Jogi’s struggle was emblematic of the broader fight for tribal autonomy and rights.

Revolutionary Movements and Their Sacrifices

In Gujarat, Vithalbhai Patel, a teacher and participant in the Forest and Salt Satyagrahas, was fatally injured during a police charge on a peaceful salt Satyagraha on this day in 1930. His death underscores the non-violent yet powerful resistance against British laws and the harsh reprisals that often followed.

Resisting Oppression in Orissa

On April 23, 1922, Basu Sethi and Bisuni Madhuala, both active in movements against local and colonial authorities in Orissa, met their demise. Basu was killed while attempting to rescue a detained leader during the Non-Cooperation movement, and Bisuni was killed in a police firing during a protest rally.

Lingering Impact of Detention: Amulya Charan Chaudhuri

Lastly, the tale of Amulya Charan Chaudhuri, a member of the Jugantar Party in Bengal, reflects the psychological and physical toll of prolonged detention. After multiple transfers between jails, he was placed under house arrest and ultimately committed suicide in 1937, a stark reminder of the personal cost of the freedom struggle.

“On this day 23 April,” we remember not just the actions, but also the enduring spirit of those who fought valiantly against overwhelming odds. Their stories form an integral part of the narrative of resistance that continues to inspire generations around the world.

Feature Image: The generated image depicts a scene from the Bhumkal Revolt, highlighting the tribal resistance against colonial rule. It portrays tribal warriors, likely led by a figure representing Jogi, in the throes of battle. The warriors are dressed in traditional garb, with the forest providing a backdrop that speaks to their connection to the land they are fighting for. The central figure stands with a raised arm, likely symbolizing a call to action or the rallying of his companions. (Click here to see image)


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