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On This Day 16 March 2024 Saturday

On This Day, Sam Vikram: 2080 Purnimanta Mass: Phalguna Paksha: Tithi: Sukla Paksha Saptami  let us have a quick look of the events and anniversaries of India and the world

on this dayPanchang / पंचांगpooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्त, on this day

Virram Samvat: 2080
Shaka Samvat: 1945
Amanta Month: Phalguna
Purnimanta: Phalguna
Tithi: Sukla Paksha Saptami

On This Day

Festivals Today: Rohinee Vrat
Festials Tomorrow: Durgaashtamee Vrat, Holaashtak
Day Today:
Day Tomorrow: 

Yoga: Prithi – Mar 15 07:45 PM – Mar 16 06:07 PM

Karana: Garija: 10:09 PM – Mar 16 09:48 AM

Sunrise:  6:33 AM
Sunset:  6:26 PM

Moonrise: 10:29
Moonset: 1:15

pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्तAuspicious Time / शुभ समय

Abhijit Muhurat – 12:05 PM – 12:53 PM

Amrit Kaal – 12:53 PM – 02:29 PM

Inauspicious Time / अशुभ समय

Rahu – 1:54 PM – 3:14 PM

Yamaganda – 7:13 AM – 8:33 AM

Gulika – 9:54 AM – 11:14 AM

Dur Muhurat – 10:47 AM – 11:30 AM, 03:04 PM – 03:46 PM

Varjyam – 10:02 AM – 11:49 AM

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Today / आज

Freedom Fighters atleast 21 sacrificed / कम से कम 21 राष्ट्रवादियों ने बलिदान दिया था

Major Historical Events

Battle of Khanua – A Historic Mughal Victory: On March 16, 1527, the Mughal Emperor Babur achieved a decisive victory over Rajput forces led by Rana Sanga in the Battle of Khanua, further consolidating Mughal authority in India.

Bowbazar Bombing: On March 16, 1993, Kolkata was shaken by the Bowbazar bombing, resulting in the tragic loss of 69 lives and numerous injuries, marking one of the city’s darkest days.

Kolkata Terror Attack 1993: Unraveling the Tragedy

History in Brief On This Day

My Lai Massacre – A Dark Chapter: The My Lai Massacre, a harrowing episode of the Vietnam War, occurred on March 16, 1968, where American soldiers killed 504 Vietnamese civilians. The incident led to widespread outrage and a reevaluation of U.S. military practices.

Central Treaty Organization Dissolves: The dissolution of the Central Treaty Organization on March 16, 1979, marked the end of a major military alliance, reflecting shifting global alliances and priorities.

Halabja Chemical Attack: On March 16, 1988, the Iraqi government forces carried out a chemical attack on the Kurdish city of Halabja, killing thousands in one of the most brutal attacks against civilians.

Anniversaries On This Day

Rajpal Yadav – Celebrated Actor: Renowned for his versatile acting, Rajpal Yadav celebrates his birthday on March 16, 1971, bringing joy and laughter to audiences around the world.

Rannvijay Singh – Entertainment and Adventure Icon: Born on March 16, 1983, Rannvijay Singh has become a prominent figure in the world of entertainment and adventure, captivating fans with his charisma.

Prachee Adhikari – A Star in the Making: Celebrating her birthday on March 16, 1988, Prachee Adhikari continues to enchant audiences with her performances in the entertainment industry.

Blake Griffin – Basketball Prodigy: Born on March 16, 1989, Blake Griffin has risen to become one of the most dynamic and influential basketball players of his generation.

Theo Walcott – Football Phenomenon: Theo Walcott, born on March 16, 1989, has made significant contributions to football, showcasing his speed and skill on the field.

Joel Embiid – Basketball’s Towering Talent: Celebrating his birthday on March 16, 1994, Joel Embiid has become one of the most formidable centers in basketball, known for his dominating presence.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Baseball’s Rising Star: Born on March 16, 1999, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has quickly become one of the most exciting talents in baseball, carrying on his family’s legacy with exceptional skill and passion.

Freedom Fighters’ sacrifice

On This Day: A Tribute to the Brave Hearts of India’s Freedom Struggle

The Valor of 1857

On this day, we remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who stood against colonial oppression during the pivotal 1857 Uprising. Among them were individuals like Azim Allee, Ellahee Bux, Fyzoola, and Shaiz Khan, residents of Delhi who fearlessly participated in the defense of their city against the British army. Their unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom led to their capture, and tragically, they were executed by hanging on March 16, 1858. These heroes exemplified the spirit of resistance that characterized the first war of Indian independence.

The Indian National Army’s Sacrifice

The saga of resistance continued into the 20th century with the Indian National Army (INA), which saw brave souls like Abdul Ghani, Badan, Basu Ram, Bharat Swain, Bhim Sain, Gian Singh, Hanuman Prasad, Kopial, Ram Jashan, Ram Singh, S. Sunder Raju, Sanathan, Udham Singh, Gian Singh Bisht, and E. Ramu. These individuals, coming from diverse backgrounds across India, chose the path of struggle for their nation’s liberation. On this day, March 16, 1945, many of them laid down their lives on the Burma front, fighting valiantly against British forces. Their sacrifices in battles across Burma mark a significant chapter in the story of India’s quest for independence.

The Call of “Quit India” and Beyond

The “Quit India” movement further highlights the collective resolve to attain freedom. Nuna Murmu, actively involved in the Lathi-Pahar agitation, was a testament to the spirit of defiance that permeated across India. Arrested and imprisoned, Murmu’s life ended tragically on March 16, 1944, in Dumka Jail, but his commitment to the cause remains immortalized in our history.

In the midst of naval mutinies and public uproar against colonial rule, Raghoo Govind stood with the Royal Indian Navy ratings in 1946. His participation in the demonstrations and his ultimate sacrifice on March 16, 1946, after receiving fatal bullet wounds, underscore the widespread agitation against British dominance.

Bishambar Dayal’s involvement in the Civil Disobedience Movement and his subsequent arrest on March 16, 1931, speak volumes about the enduring struggle for independence. His dedication, leading to his demise as an under-trial prisoner, sheds light on the countless sacrifices made during this tumultuous period.

Tarkeshwar Dastidar’s revolutionary activities, including his involvement in the Chittagong Armoury Raid, illustrate the diverse tactics employed in the struggle against British rule. Captured and executed for his contributions, Dastidar’s legacy as a leader and freedom fighter remains a source of inspiration.

Raghunath Rondhari’s participation in the “Quit India” movement and his subsequent demise due to the dire conditions of imprisonment highlight the harsh realities faced by political prisoners. The acknowledgment of the unsatisfactory conditions in the Nowrangpur Sub-Jail serves as a somber reminder of the sacrifices endured by many for India’s freedom.

Reflecting on Sacrifice and Courage

On this day, as we recall the events that shaped India’s struggle for independence, we are reminded of the courage, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment of those who fought for their country’s freedom. From the uprising of 1857 to the efforts of the Indian National Army and the various movements and agitations that followed, each story of bravery contributes to the rich tapestry of India’s freedom struggle. Let us honor their memories and draw inspiration from their dedication to the cause of liberty and justice.

Feature Image: The image portrays a group of Indian freedom fighters, men and women from various regions, united in their stand against colonial rule. They are dressed in traditional regional attire, displaying a tapestry of cultural diversity. The central figure holds the Indian national flag aloft, symbolizing leadership and unity. In the background, a spinning wheel and silhouettes of other freedom fighters are visible, while the tricolor flags flutter throughout the scene. (·E-2024-03-16-21.01.36_diverse_backgrounds_standing_together_against_colonial_oppression.webp)

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