remembrance, tribute, freedom fighters, India, silhouette, sunrise, landscape, historical figure, Panchang symbols, reflection, history, patriotism, dawn, on this dayHonoring the Past: A Tribute to India's Freedom Fighters on 18 March - In the quiet light of dawn, we reflect upon the sacrifices that shaped a nation's destiny.

On This Day 18 March 2024 Monday

On This Day, Sam Vikram: 2080 Purnimanta Mass: Phalguna Paksha: Tithi: Sukla Paksha Navami  let us have a quick look of the events and anniversaries of India and the world

on this dayPanchang / पंचांगpooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्त, on this day

Virram Samvat: 2080
Shaka Samvat: 1945
Amanta Month: Phalguna
Purnimanta: Phalguna
Tithi: Sukla Paksha Navami

On This Day

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Yoga: Saubhagya – Mar 17 05:05 PM – Mar 18 04:36 PM

Karana: Balava: 09:53 PM – Mar 18 10:16 AM

Sunrise:  6:30 AM
Sunset:  6:27 PM

Moonrise: 12:18
Moonset: 3:03

pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्तAuspicious Time / शुभ समय

Abhijit Muhurat – 12:05 PM – 12:52 PM

Amrit Kaal – 07:35 AM – 09:17 AM

Inauspicious Time / अशुभ समय

Rahu – 1:54 PM – 3:14 PM

Yamaganda – 7:13 AM – 8:33 AM

Gulika – 9:54 AM – 11:14 AM

Dur Muhurat – 10:47 AM – 11:30 AM, 03:04 PM – 03:46 PM

Varjyam – 10:02 AM – 11:49 AM

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Today / आज

Freedom Fighters sacrificed / राष्ट्रवादियों ने बलिदान दिया था At Least/ कम से कम:4

Major Historical Events

Rowlatt Act Enactment: The Rowlatt Act was passed by the Imperial Legislative Council in Delhi on March 18, 1919, giving the British government in India the power to imprison those suspected of sedition without trial.

Gandhi’s Controversial Leadership in the Indian Freedom Struggle

Mahatma Gandhi’s Sentencing: On March 18, 1922, Mahatma Gandhi was sentenced by British magistrates in India to 6 years’ imprisonment for civil disobedience, marking a significant moment in the Indian independence movement.

Rowlatt Act And Gandhi

End of the Arab Oil Embargo: The Arab oil embargo, which had a profound impact on the U.S. economy with soaring prices and fuel shortages, was lifted on March 18, 1974, after being in place for five months following the Yom Kippur War.

Religion and Politics: Shaping Conflicts Globally

History in Brief On This Day

Spanish Euthanasia Law Approval: On March 18, 2021, the Spanish Congress of Deputies passed a landmark euthanasia law, allowing individuals with serious and incurable diseases to choose to end their lives.

Anniversaries On This Day

Ratna Pathak – Celebrated Thespian: Esteemed for her versatile acting, Ratna Pathak was born on this day, March 18, in 1963, and continues to charm audiences with her work in theater, film, and television.

Darshan Pandya – Notable Actor: Born on March 18, 1981, Darshan Pandya has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry with his impactful performances on Indian television.

Sohail Kathuria – Emerging Talent: Marking his birth on March 18, 1990, Sohail Kathuria is recognized for his budding career in the world of celebrity.

Antara Banerjee – Rising Star: Celebrating her birthday on March 18, 1998, Antara Banerjee has stepped into the limelight with promising roles in the Indian entertainment sector.

Shashi Kapoor – Bollywood Icon: Born into the prestigious Kapoor family, Shashi Kapoor, whose birthday falls on March 18, 1938, is remembered as a legendary figure in Indian cinema.

Alex Higgins – Snooker Legend: Hailing from Northern Ireland, Alex Higgins, born on March 18, 1949, is celebrated as one of the most charismatic and talented snooker players in the history of the sport.

Mike Webster – Football Great: Remembered on his birthday, March 18, 1952, Mike Webster was an American football star who became a celebrated center in the NFL.

Ingemar Stenmark – Skiing Virtuoso: Ingemar Stenmark, born on March 18, 1956, is revered as one of the greatest competitive skiers, with numerous wins that cement his legacy in the sport.

Alisha Chinoy – Pop Sensation: Known for her indelible mark on the Indian pop music scene, Alisha Chinoy celebrates her birthday on March 18, 1972, and continues to be celebrated for her hit songs.

Freedom Fighters’ sacrifice

On This Day: Remembering the Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle

India’s protracted struggle for independence from British colonial rule is marked by the sacrifices of countless freedom fighters. On this day, March 18, we remember those who laid down their lives for the nation’s freedom, demonstrating unwavering courage and resilience in the face of oppression.

The Valiant Mohd. Allee Shah

Mohd. Allee Shah was a fearless participant in the historic 1857 Uprising, who fought valiantly against the advancing British forces in Delhi. His capture came following the reoccupation of the city by British troops. Accused of rebellion, he faced trial and on March 18, 1858, he was executed by hanging. His martyrdom is a stark reminder of the price paid for the freedom we cherish today.

Shahzadah Secunder’s Defiance and Sacrifice

Shahzadah Secunder, a member of the esteemed royal family of Oudh, stood against the British during the 1857 Uprising. Once a jamaëdar in the Oude Cavalry, he renounced his loyalty to the British and sided with Emperor Bahadur Shah. Charged with mutiny and desertion, he was sentenced to death on March 18, 1858, and executed a few days later. His actions symbolize the royal family’s commitment to India’s freedom.

The Bravery of Ghulam Haider Shah

Ghulam Haider Shah, once a Naik in the British-Indian Army, showcased his patriotism by joining the Indian National Army in 1942. He served valiantly in Burma, where his heroism in combat on March 18, 1944, earned him the gallantry medal ‘Tamghfiå-e Bahadurií’. He fell in battle, a hero who chose to fight for India’s liberation.

Hari Singh’s Akali Movement Contribution

Hari Singh, an active participant in the Akali movement from Amritsar, made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of religious and national freedom. Arrested and imprisoned for joining a peaceful Jatha to Gurdwara Gangsar in 1924, he suffered inhumane treatment at the hands of his captors. The brutal beatings led to his untimely death on March 18, 1925, marking his place in history as a martyr of the Akali movement.

Nihal Singh: A Symbol of Nonviolent Resistance

Born to Utam Singh and Hukam Kaur, Nihal Singh was deeply involved in the Akali movement’s nonviolent resistance. His participation in the Guru-ka-Bagh Morcha and the peaceful Jatha to Jaito Gurdwara Gangsar was a testament to his commitment to the Sikh community’s rights and India’s independence. His endurance of severe beatings and the harsh conditions of Multan Jail led to his demise on March 18, 1925. Nihal Singh’s life and death embody the spirit of peaceful protest and sacrifice.

On this day, we honor these brave souls and reflect on their sacrifices, which helped pave the way for India’s freedom. Their stories of valor and the ultimate sacrifice continue to inspire generations and remind us of the true cost of the liberty we enjoy today.

Feature Image: The image depicts a series of silhouetted figures representing freedom fighters from various eras, standing with dignity against the backdrop of a tranquil, dawn-lit Indian landscape. A large, ethereal profile of a man, possibly a notable historical figure, overlays the scene, with traditional Indian symbols related to time and astrology integrated around him. The words “On This Day 18 March” are prominently displayed at the bottom. The overall mood of the illustration is calm and reflective. (·E-2024-03-19-11.59.30_honoring_memory_sacrifices__freedom_fighters.webp)

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