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On This Day 1 March 2024 Friday

On This Day, Sam Vikram: 2080 Purnimanta Mass: Phalguna Paksha: Tithi: Krishna Paksha Shashthi [ Tithi Vridhi ] let us have a quick look of the events and anniversaries of India and the world

on this dayPanchang / पंचांगpooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्त, on this day

Virram Samvat: 2080 Shaka Samvat: 1945 Amanta Month: Magha Purnimanta: Phalguna Tithi: Krishna Paksha Shashthi [ Tithi Vridhi ]

On This Day

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Dhruva – Feb 29 05:56 PM – Mar 01 06:14 PM Vyaghata – Mar 01 06:14 PM – Mar 02 06:06 PM


Garija: 06:22 AM – Mar 01 07:13 PM Vanija: 07:13 PM – Mar 02 07:54 AM

Sunrise:  6:49 AM Sunset:  6:16 PM

Moonrise: 23:33 Moonset: 10:15

pooja, pooja thali, auspicious ocassion, शुभ मुहूर्तAuspicious Time / शुभ समय

Abhijit Muhurat – 12:10 PM – 12:56 PM ”

Inauspicious Time / अशुभ समय

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Today / आज

Freedom Fighters sacrificed / राष्ट्रवादियों ने बलिदान दिया था At Least/ कम से कम:

Major Historical Events

Start of Attingal Outbreak: On March 1, 1721, the Attingal Outbreak began, marking a revolt against the British East India Company.

Battle of Bundelkhand Victory: The Maratha Empire, under Bajirao, achieved a significant victory over the Mughal Empire on March 1, 1729, following an appeal for help from Chhatrasal, ruler of Bundelkhand.

Nader Shah’s Invasion of India: March 1, 1739, saw Nader Shah of Iran invade India, leading to the capture and sacking of Delhi.

Anglo-Nepalese War: The decisive Battle of Makwanpur, part of the Anglo-Nepalese War, was won by the East India Company on March 1, 1816.

Siege of Multan (1818): Starting in March 1818, the Sikh Empire defeated the Durrani Empire and captured Multan after the Siege of Multan.

Gandhi–Irwin Pact: The Gandhi–Irwin Pact was signed in March 1931, marking a significant political agreement in India’s independence movement.

1932 Sentencing of Revolutionaries: On March 1, 1932, 12 pro-independence revolutionaries were sentenced in Bengal province, British India, with various terms of imprisonment and deportation.

2006 Varanasi Bombings: The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, was targeted in bombings on March 1, 2006, resulting in 28 deaths and 101 injuries.

Maoist Attack in Chhattisgarh: In March 2007, Maoist rebels in Chhattisgarh state executed a dawn attack, killing more than 50 policemen.

2020 Delhi Riots: From February 23 to March 1, 2020, the Delhi riots in North East Delhi resulted in 53 deaths and over 200 injuries.

Political Even:The Cripps’ mission was initiated in March 1942, aiming to secure Indian cooperation during World War II.

Political Even:The Cabinet Mission occurred in March 1946, focusing on plans for the transfer of power from Britain to India.

History in Brief On This Day

US-India Nuclear Agreement: In March 2006, the US and India signed a nuclear agreement during a visit by US President George W. Bush, enhancing civil nuclear cooperation.

End of Gujarat Riots: The Gujarat riots, involving riots and mass killings, concluded on March 1, 2002, leaving 1,044 dead.

Anniversaries On This Day

Birthday:Birthday :Kunjarani Devi, an esteemed weightlifter, was born in Imphal in 1968.

Birthday:Birthday :Salil Ankola, celebrated cricketer, was born in Solapur in 1968.

Birthday:Birthday :Mary Kom, legendary boxer, hails from Kangathei, Manipur, India, born in 1982.

Birthday:Birthday :Laishram Sarita Devi, a distinguished boxer, was born in Thoubal khunou, Thoubal, Manipur in 1982.

Birthday:Birthday :Henri Richard, a notable ice hockey player, was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1936.

Birthday:Birthday :Ron Francis, celebrated ice hockey player, was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, in 1963.

Birthday:Birthday :Booker T, a WWE wrestler, was born in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, USA, in 1965.

Birthday:Birthday :Chris Webber, renowned sportscaster and basketball player, was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, in 1973.

Birthday:Birthday :Dixie Dean, a legendary football player, was born in Birkenhead, England, in 1980.

Birthday:Birthday :Will Power, a famous rally driver and race car driver, was born in Toowoomba, Australia, in 1981.

Birthday:Birthday :Tyreek Hill, an American football player, was born in Pearson, Georgia, USA, in 1994.

Birthday:Birthday :Ja’Marr Chase, an American football player, was born in Harvey, Louisiana, USA, in 2000.

Freedom Fighters’ sacrifice

The quest for India’s independence is a saga of courage and sacrifice, epitomized by the actions of individuals across various backgrounds, united in their defiance against colonial oppression. This narrative highlights key events from March 1st, underscoring the sacrifices made in the struggle for freedom.

Bahal Singh:

A dedicated Congress-Socialist Party member in Delhi, Bahal Singh’s home was a haven for revolutionaries. Arrested during the Civil Disobedience Movement and again in 1946 for supporting a police strike, he ultimately died in jail, a martyr for his convictions.

Tebhaga Movement Martyrs On This Day

Bakchu Oraon, Maharani Orain, and Sukhu Oraon were part of the Tebhaga movement, advocating for peasants’ rights in Bengal. Their deaths by police fire on March 1, 1947, while challenging feudal exploitation, mark a significant chapter in the struggle for social justice.

Pirthi Singh:

From being captured by Japanese forces in 1942 to joining the Indian National Army (INA) on March 1, 1942, and dying on the battlefield in Burma in 1944, Pirthi Singh’s journey embodies the transition from colonial soldier to freedom fighter, highlighting the broad base of the independence movement.

1857 Uprising Heroes On This Day

Shade Khan, Nauhal Sing, and Tulleah, defectors from the Bengal Army, joined the 1857 Uprising against British rule. Their eventual capture and death in the Andaman Islands underline the severe reprisals faced by rebels, yet their spirit of resistance lives on.

Surendra Nath Nag:

Appointed as Sub-Assistant Surgeon in 1939, Nag’s allegiance to the freedom movement led to his execution in 1943. His story is a testament to the diverse participation in the freedom struggle, transcending professional boundaries.

These stories, each marking March 1st as a significant date, reflect the multifaceted resistance against British rule, spanning decades and involving individuals from various walks of life. Their legacy of resilience and sacrifice continues to inspire, serving as a reminder of the price paid for India’s freedom.

Feature Image: The image is a powerful and evocative representation of India’s freedom struggle. At the center, a group of Indian men of various ages and turbans, symbolizing peasants and revolutionaries, are gathered around scattered papers, some holding weapons, suggesting a clandestine planning of rebellion. To the right, a British officer is seated at a table, writing, which may imply the colonial presence and bureaucratic control during the British Raj. In the background, the Indian flag colors of saffron, white, and green merge with a faint outline of the Indian subcontinent. The entire composition reflects a somber mood of planning, determination, and the readiness to fight for freedom. (https://hinduinfopedia.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/DALL·E-2024-03-02-09.26.44_spirit_India_freedom_struggle.webp)

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