Velu Thampi: Resolute Freedom Activist

Velu Thampi Dalawa, born on May 6, 1765, was a prominent Indian freedom fighter and Dewan of Travancore. As a staunch opponent of British colonialism, he played a key role in resisting the British East India Company, especially during the early 19th century. His background in Thalakulam, Tamil Nadu, shaped his dedication to his people. Appointed Dewan in 1802, Thampi implemented significant reforms and fought against British exploitation​. His rebellion against the British, marked by the Kundara Proclamation, highlighted his vision for Indian self-determination​​. Despite his valiant efforts, Thampi’s rebellion was ultimately quashed, leading to his martyrdom. His legacy, however, endures as an inspiration for future generations, representing the early resistance to colonial powers in India​.