On This Day 26 April 2024

On this day, we solemnly remember the bravery and sacrifices made during India’s tumultuous freedom struggle. Kunwar Singh, a valiant soldier of the 12th Native Infantry Regiment, resisted the colonial yoke, only to be captured and executed on April 26, 1858. His martyrdom is mirrored in the story of Dwarika Dassi, whose defiance in the Non-Cooperation movement led to her untimely death due to the cruel conditions of her imprisonment on this same day in 1932. Meanwhile, Hazari, born into the tumult of a nation in chains, later sacrificed his life for the Indian National Army’s cause in 1944. Bakti Bhotra, another unsung hero, succumbed not to the enemies’ bullets, but to the neglect and inhumanity of his captors in 1943. These narratives not only highlight the day’s significance in our history but also resonate with the spirit of freedom that continues to inspire.