Mahatma Gandhi, British rulers, Dalit advocate, colonial India, social reform, historical photo, Gandhi with British, elite and marginalized unity, Gandhi's simplicity, interclass dialogue, harijan movementMahatma Gandhi, a proponent of Dalit rights, stands with British associates, embodying his role as a mediator between the ruling class and the oppressed.

Harijan Movement and Gandhiji

Feature Image: The image captures Mahatma Gandhi, standing at the center, with a man on his left and a woman on his right, both appearing to be of the ruling British class during colonial India. Gandhi, clad in his iconic shawl and loincloth, signifies his solidarity with the marginalized communities in India, including Dalits, despite being in the company of the elite. The stark contrast in attire highlights Gandhi’s commitment to living a life of simplicity and his efforts to bridge the divide between different social strata. ( {Credit]

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