Battle of Kartarpur: A Historic Victory on April 25, 1635

The Battle of Kartarpur on April 25, 1635, signifies a defining moment in Sikh military history, underpinned by the leadership of Guru Hargobind, the sixth Sikh Guru. This event was not just a military victory against the Mughals but a pivotal affirmation of the Sikh resolve to uphold their autonomy against overwhelming odds. The groundwork laid by Guru Hargobind’s introduction of ‘Miripiri’—melding spiritual guidance with temporal power—prepared the Sikhs not only for this battle but also for future confrontations, epitomized later by Guru Gobind Singh’s establishment of the Khalsa. This historic victory showcased the strategic acumen of the Sikh forces, highlighting the critical role smaller forces can play in shaping broader historical narratives.